Beautiful Content in WordPress
Without A Page Builder

The block editor has evolved considerably since it was first released back in 2018. Now Phase 2 is in full swing and we’re getting more blocks, more features, and soon, Full Site Editing. This course will give you a full tour of the block editor, some tips for easier navigation, and we’ll even do a full site build out using the block editor only.

More Than Just a Tour…

Hidden Gems

You’ll get a full walkthrough of the editor to make using easy and efficient.

Faster Content

Leverage Reusable Blocks and Block Patterns for less work and better content.

Full Site Build Out

Learn by doing! We’ll build a full website using only the block editor – no extra plugins!

Advice and Insight

You’ll also get advice on how you can best use the block editor for your business.

Hey Leonardo!

On top of just learning about the block editor, you will learn by doing, with a full site build out.

What You’ll Learn in the Course

What is the Block Editor and the 4 Phases
Why is it important?
Block Editor vs. Gutenberg Plugin

Adding Blocks
Navigating Blocks on a Page
Blocks in Widget Areas

Creating a Rich Page Layout
Reusable Blocks
What are Block Patterns?
Using the Block Pattern Directory
Reusable Blocks vs. Block Patterns
Make Your Own Block Patterns

Hey Leonardo! The Site We’re Making
Our Content
Finding the Right Theme
Creating the Home Page
The Blog
About Page
See His Work
Clean Up Time!

What is the Gutenberg Plugin and when do we use it?
The Classic Editor Plugin
The Classic Editor Block

Student Q&A sessions

Live demos of new features

Interface updates when they happen

But Wait! There’s More!

  • A Full Website Build Out
  • Custom Block Patterns

  • Full Access to WP101’s WordPress 101 course
  • Access to a community of students and creators

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    Joe is a phenomenal teacher, and has the ability to break down otherwise complicated topics, making them easy to understand.
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    Using the Block Editor

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